Bobsled track under construction in Gyergyószék

Adrenaline junkies will be able to use a new bobsled track being built in the area of Pongrácz Peak/Pângărați Pass, adding another spectacular activity for tourists in the Gyergyószék region.

Bobsledding will be available in the summer and winter near the road connecting Gyergyószentmiklós/Gheorgheni to Gyilkostó/Red Lake, close to the Oxygen Restro restaurant, which opened this year. It will be one of the first elements of an outdoor entertainment area. The course is already being designed. After ascending 270 meters, guests will be able to sled down a track for 650 meters. All in all, there will be 26 sleighs for 52 people. The investor wanted the track to open before this summer, but because of the pandemic, the construction will take until October. The bobsled track will wind down through the forest, at times reaching 12 meters off the ground as it crosses over roads.

Near the Oxygen restaurant, a ski slope of 600 meters and a “snow slide” were opened this year as well. According to plans, the ski slope and bobsled will function in parallel. Other elements will also be added to the leisure park, including summer slides, a children’s park and a fitness park. The entire area will cover 6.8 hectares, linked by foothpaths for guests to be able to enjoy nature peacefully.

The investor, Eurolizor Group, plans to also build a hotel and a 15-meter-high scenic lookout tower, with a climbing wall on the side and a freefall ride. The development is a private investment, but on the administrative side, the company is getting a lot of help from Tihamér Barti, the president of the territorial organization of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians (known by its Hungarian acronym of RMDSZ). Barti specified that on the local level, a lot of developments have started and many other investments are on the way, one of which is the complex on Pongrácz Peak. “The Gyergyó region was underdeveloped from an economical point of view compared to other regions. For me, it is important to elevate the region, and we can achieve this though these important investments. Part of our strategy is the development of tourism, which the Pongrácz Peak investment is a part of. We, as politicians, are obliged to help realize these investments.”

Featured photo: youtube

Author: Blanka Székely