AUR leaders join presidential consultation late due to “relaxing walk”

The leaders of the surprise party of the 2020 Romanian parliamentary elections, AUR (Alliance for the Unity of Romanians), almost missed their appointment with President Iohannis but handed over a map of Greater Romania when they dropped in (via Digi24).

President Iohannis held consultations with political parties on the matter of designating a candidate for the prime minister’s position. As we previously reported, the country now has an interim PM in the person of Nicolae Ciucă.

“We handed over a map of Greater Romania”

[ed. Note: to the President], George Simion, co-chairman of AUR, told journalists after the consultation ended. “Along with a vegetation map with many forests,” he added.

Putting herself in the spotlight, Diana Șoșoacă, another member of the delegation and known as an anti-mask lawyer, was asked if the AUR leaders missed the Cotroceni Palace’s entrance and that was why they were late to the consultation appointment.

“No, we had a relaxing walk before we entered the formal meeting. Let’s be serious, no one takes into consideration what is said there,”

Șoșoacă said. She lowered her mask at the end of the meeting, she added. “I respected the protocol. I cannot enter without a mask. I showed my exemption certificate but was asked to wear it at least covering my mouth. Before leaving, I took my mask off and left the building without wearing a mask,” Șoșoacă said proudly.

The lawyer, a future member of the Senate, delivered a speech against mask-wearing, as she is a strong supporter of conspiracy theories and openly protests COVID-19 measures.

Title image: The AUR delegation at the meeting with the President of Romania. Image source: Digi24.

Author: István Fekete