AUR Senator not exempt from wearing a mask

Diana Șoșoacă, freshly elected Senator of the Alliance for the Unity of Romanians (AUR), must wear a mask in parliament, the Public Health Directorate (DSP) said. Șoșoacă refused to wear a mask in the parliament based on a medical certificate issued by her family doctor; however, according to DSP, the certificate is not valid in this case, Hungarian news portal Transindex.ro reports.

The Senator of Iași County entered the Romanian Parliament without wearing a mask on Monday and even showed herself in the building via a live video. When asked why she refuses to wear a mask, Diana Șoșoacă showed a medical certificate issued by her family doctor, which stated that she cannot wear a mask due to her breathing difficulty.

However, the Senate asked the Public Health Directorate to verify whether Diana Șoșoacă’s certificate is in order, and the answer received was no: The DSP stated that based on the 874/2020 governmental decision, such a certificate must be issued by an occupational doctor, not a family doctor. The DSP also announced that until Șoșoacă receives a certificate from an occupational doctor, she must wear a mask in parliament.

For her part, the AUR Senator announced via a Facebook video that she will fill a lawsuit against the members of the Senate, the Ministry of Health and the DSP for sending her medical certificate, with her personal information and illnesses, to the press, thus violating her personal rights. Șoșoacă also demands that the protective masks of all MPs and Senators be checked to see if they comply with proper standards.

Title image: Șoșoacă entered parliament without a mask on Monday. Photo: Inquam Photos/George Călin

Author: Orsi Sarány