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73 teams battled for “Best Szekler Sausage” title

The Háromszék Sausage Festival was organized for the seventeenth time last Saturday in Sepsiszentgyörgy/Sfântu Gheorghe. The event also received the brand new name of the Szekler Sausage Festival because organizers wanted to emphasize that the event grew out of Kovászna/Covasna County. A total of seventy-three teams registered for the event, and the best sausage was made by the Maros/Mureș County team, so they will represent Szeklerland at the next Csabai Sausage Festival in Hungary.

Szekler Sausage Festival in Sepsiszentgyörgy on November 16, 2019 (Photo: Botond Codra/

“The programs related to gastronomy and Szekler culture – organized both for locals and tourists – not only sought to entertain, but also aimed to help build the community itself.”

–said co-organizer and vice president of the Kovászna County Council Róbert Grüman to

“I hope that by developing the society of Szekler farmers we will reach a point in the future, when at a sausage festival like this, we can make sausages exclusively from pigs fed with domestic fodder only,” explained the leader of the Szekler Farmers’ Association István Becze.

Szekler Sausage Festival 2019 (Photo: Botond Codra/

During the evaluation process, jury members were scoring many things, including organization, clothing of the team members, preparation of the ingredients, table decoration, hygiene, and both the taste and the serving of the food.

Szekler Sausage Festival 2019 (Photo: Botond Codra/

“Rationality and a balanced-taste sausage won the competition,” announced the head of the Kovászna County Veterinary Hygiene and Food Safety Directorate (DSVSA), Dr. Sándor Sikó-Barabási. The grand prize was awarded to the Maros County Council’s team led by Árpád Szabó.

The team that got first place made their sausage according to a traditional recipe, and by winning this competition they will be the ones representing Szeklerland next year at the 24th Csabai Sausage Festival in Hungary.


Title image: Finished sausages waiting for the jury at the Szekler Sausage Festival in Sepsiszentgyörgy on November 16, 2019. (Photo: Botond Codra/

Author: Attila Szoó