CFR beat Sepsi OSK again

2 months ago

Kolozsvár CFR beat Sepsi OSK 3-1 at home field in the first round of the Romanian Football League’s play-offs. The two teams played against each other on Saturday for the third time in a row and CFR won both previous matches, one in the Cup and one in the last round of the 1st League’s regular season.

CFR started the game – in the Dr. Constantin Rădulescu Stadium – with the fastest goal of this year’s season. Following the great assistant of Ciprian Deac, George Țucudean scored already in the 20th second by shooting the ball from the edge of the box . Sepsi OSK goalkeeper, Roland Niczuly hardly had any chance to save.

Gol Țucudean

Acesta este cel mai rapid gol al acestei ediții de Liga 1 —->>

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Fastest goal of the season: CFR scores in the 20th second of the game.

In the rest of the first half both teams had chances to score, but neither of them actually did. From CFR Cristian Manea tried to kick the ball with a bicycle kick in the 13th minute in a rather dangerous situation, while three minutes later in the 16th minute Niczuly had to save Ciprian Deac’s header, and Mario Camora had a dangerous shot later on. At the end of the first half Sepsi had better chances, in the 36th minute Sato had a good shot, then in the 37th minute Tandia had a huge chance, but CFR goalkeeper, Arlauskis managed to save.

The second half also started with a quick goal, but this time Sepsi OSK scored and they were also the ones playing better at this point of the game. Following Mensah’s great dribbles Vașvari equalized to 1-1 in the 48th minute. But the joy of the Székely club didn’t last long, as in the 57th minute following Ciprian Deac’s free kick, Djokovic scored a header, and restored CFR’s lead. 2-1.

Later on – after receiving his second yellow card –  Culio was sent off the field in the 70th minute. Despite CFR had to play the last 20 minutes missing a man, Sepsi still couldn’t really create big chances to score. Moreover, as the match entered into the final minutes of the added time CFR even got a penalty, after Joseph Mensah committed a fault inside the penalty area. Collecting his second yellow card, Mensah was also sent off while Ciprian Deac scored the penalty setting the final score of 3-1. By keeping the three points at home CFR is leading the play-offs now with 30 points, while OSK remains 6th with 19 points.


Title image: Roland Niczuly saves in the second half (photo: József Attila Riti/