Wizz Air withdraws and disinfects plane transporting coronavirus passenger

The aircraft that transported a passenger infected with coronavirus on the Bologna–Craiova route has been withdrawn from service and is undergoing a thorough disinfection, low-cost airline Wizz Air told Hungarian news agency MTI.

Wizz Air assured the competent authorities of its full cooperation regarding the measures necessary to safeguard the health of staff and customers who had been traveling with the coronavirus-infected passenger.

“The aircraft operating on the route was immediately taken out of service and disinfected according to applicable rules before being re-introduced into service. For the Wizz Air W6 3762 flight from Bologna to Craiova, we secured another aircraft from outside the fleet and postponed the re-launch to February 26,” the company told MTI, adding that although this situation was out of its control, the company apologizes for the inconvenience caused.

The low-cost airline said on Tuesday that authorities had diagnosed one of the passengers traveling on the W6 3762 aircraft from Bologna to Craiova with the coronavirus on February 18 as well as another passenger traveling from Craiova to Bologna on February 22 on the W6 3761 aircraft. Currently, there is no information available as to the status of this second aircraft.

“The safety of our passengers and staff is our top priority, and WIZZ does everything possible to safeguard it,” the company told the news agency. The situation is under control, and everything is being done according to the protocol applicable in this and similar cases, it added.

Author: István Fekete