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“We are particularly eager to learn,” says head of ERP firm

While enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is not generally used by small- and medium-sized companies in Transylvania, Navigator Software of Marosvásárhely (Târgu Mureș) is one of the region’s fastest-growing providers of these applications, says its founder Endre Balázs in an interview with TransylvaniaNow.

TransylvaniaNOW: Navigator Software has just turned ten – how do you look back on the past decade?

Endre Balázs: Time flew remarkably fast. But I do believe that the work and care invested has paid off, and we are now able to offer one of the most well-rounded enterprise management solutions in the region. That has been our goal all along.

TN: Which are the three achievements you are most proud of?

EB: The biggest achievement is the team behind the product. Second, is my relationship with co-owner and colleague Levente Kocsis. Last, but not least, the network of connections, which in many cases now goes beyond simple business partnership and is one of long-term relations based on common values.

TN: The IT sector is on the rise globally, but mainly to the benefit of developed markets and major investors. How much do regional companies appreciate your products?

EB: Yes, the IT sector is indeed booming. As the head of an ERP company offering its products in a local market, I see that small- and medium-sized companies are not really aware of these possibilities. Thinking in terms of ERP systems is usually prompted by either a pressing emergency or a financing opportunity. This usually comes with elevated emotions and high pressure. Ideally, we should have more opportunities to teach more and hold more presentations because entrepreneurs have an obvious need to manage their affairs in a clear and orderly manner. They needed that because everything – people and the market – have changed around them.

TN: What is your main market and who are your main clients?

EB: We work for domestic companies and corporations regardless of what industry they are in, with the aim to integrate every process and data requirement in a way that is tailored to the client. Our IT tools and specialists are geared towards making the everyday tasks of an enterprise better organized, easier and optimized through modern means.

TN: According to your web page, your credo is that successful companies are not built by extraordinary men, but rather ordinary men with extraordinary skills. How difficult is it to find and keep these people with such extraordinary skills?

EB: We have found them a while ago and were able to keep them here. To the best of my knowledge, recent statistics show that people quitting their jobs mostly leave because their employers are disorganized and conditions are lacking. We here have made a joint effort to create an atmosphere, work process and vision that makes it worth staying with us. And about extraordinary skills: everyone with us has average professional knowledge but they are all eager to learn and love what they do.

TN: What is your biggest challenge looking forward?

EB: Our biggest challenge is the successful continuation of our IOT (Internet of things) project that we launched almost a year ago – it is aimed at creating an information system in which intelligent “gadgets” provide information: the user receives personalized, evaluated data that is useful, unobtrusive and affordable. We will naturally also stay our course, improve and further develop our existing systems. Perhaps the biggest challenge is how we can give each other more leisure time while improving productivity.

Author: László Mihály