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Walking on Art – Style coming from the lab of a Transylvanian designer

According to world-famous footwear designer, Christian Louboutin a fine pair of shoes does not clothe the ladies, but undresses them. In his concept comfort does not matter, it is looks that are important if you would like to wear a unique and elegant pair of shoes. Gyopár Bocskai’s collection with the brand name ArtWalkShoes contradicts the statement of the great master in all aspects: her creations are at the same time elegant, unique and extremely comfortable.

A fine shoe clothes you and it is also eminently comfortable, says Gyopár Bocskai, Kolozsvár/Cluj based textile and costume designer. This is also the distinguishing feature of the ArtWalkShoes brand: pieces that simultaneously add style and coolness to the clothing.

ArtWalkShoes are created through a spontaneous artistic process, resulting in unique pairs of shoes, which means exactly that each model has only one pair of shoes available. The shoes are made of leather, with the collaboration of professional shoemakers.

Gyopár Bocskai

Gyopár Bocskai, textile and costume designer

Gyopár Bocskai is the graduate of the “Ion Andreescu” University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca. Her personality gets expressed mostly through sporty style combined with elegance. In both dressing and in designing she is attracted to contrasting elements so it was plausible for her to create a collection of shoes, where sportiness partners with elegant, refined patterns. She has been working as a costume designer for the last seven years both in Transylvania and in Hungary, but this kind of work is very different from the designing of a collection, Bocskai says.

She loves every second of costume design from reading the play until the final cross-checking with the director. However, in her theater work she is not trying to express her own personality, there the main goal is to support the stage character, dressing it up through colors and forms. The two very different creative processes coexist very well in Gyopár’s life: while working for theaters, she also manages the online marketing site of the ArtWalkShoes brand.

The shoe as an artistic creation

„The brand emphasizes originality in clothing. A pair of shoes can also be an artistic creation and it can turn the outfit of its wearer into something special and unique without any effort,” describes the brand Gyopár Bocskai. The asymmetric patterns offer the contrast between the sporty style and the delicate. They all have miniature trimmings, only visible from up close, that add a bold, personal statement to the shoe. “They are sports shoes, but that does not mean that they cannot be worn for any occasion, because there are elegant pieces with discrete patterns also. These latter ones are also appreciated by elderly clients. One of the most special pieces is the attachable pair of boots, that in spring- and summertime can be worn also as shoes.

Transylvanian designer

Male clients from abroad are also starting to be interested in my shoes so now, so – given that most of my patterns are feminine – I experiments with masculine ones also.” – the designer says.

Gyopár Bocskai’s creations can be a solution for every occasion, even when one would like nothing else but to just effectively combine a simple, classic black dress with something good-looking and comfortable, these pieces can be a good solution. The original creations are made exclusively from the finest pieces of leather, thus they are practically ageless. “You don’t have to worry about the paintwork either, during the university years I have experimented with all kinds of paint materials, that are wearable on footwear, I apply it and afterwards I lock it with fixative”,  she explains.


ArtWalk Shoes

It can be the main element of a spring set

“When you dress up, you summarize the essence of your personality, without words, your clothes determine other people’s opinion of you. So instead of following the actual trends and dressing up from fast fashion stores, I advise everyone to be original independently of season and occasion. „This spring we can gather our favorite basic pieces, combine those and at the end we can smarten it with a special accessory, a scarf, a belt, a hat or perhaps with a pair of ArtWalkShoes.” Gyopár Bocskai advises.


Photos: Bea Angyalosi , István Bíró

Author: Blanka Székely