Violin virtuoso Roby Lakatos performs in Transylvania

The Transylvanian audience can for the first time enjoy live the performance of the renowned Roby Lakatos Ensemble during the XVII County Days of Hargita/Harghita on May 20 at 7 p.m. They will also perform together with the Chamber Orchestra of Csíkszereda on the stage of the Trade Unions Cultural House of Csíkszereda.

The group will perform its own compositions, some classical music and film soundtrack interpretations during the concert in the unmistakeable Roby Lakatos style. They will be accompanied several times by the string section of the Chamber Orchestra of Csíkszereda. Roby Lakatos is a multifaceted, improvising artist and composer who blends elements of classic, jazz, folk and gypsy music.

“I am coming to Transylvania for the first time; I have never been there, and I think it will be very interesting because I have heard many great things about Transylvania. The concert was canceled several times, and I am very happy I can finally come. There are no flights, but we are coming anyway; we are renting a bus, so we are starting off for Csíkszereda soon,” said Lakatos.

Roby Lakatos, born in 1965, is a violinist from Hungary who combines jazz, classical and Hungarian Romani music. He considers it natural that he chose the musician’s life because in his family everyone has been a musician, violinist, for seven generations.

“I started to play the violin on a small toy-like violin; a kid always wants to copy what he sees at home. I saw that in my family everyone was always traveling, performing abroad,” says Lakatos.

Roby Lakatos left Hungary when he was 20 and has been living in Brussels since 1985. “Since then, I started to play a totally different genre, which we invented and which — since then — developed into a world-famous genre. It is called unorthodox fusion music. I am proud of the fact that I invented this music, and now young people, the next generation all over the world, play this music style. This is a very interesting and colorful type of music.”

Featured photo: Nándor Veres

Author: Blanka Székely