Romania among fastest EU countries in vaccination

Romania is in sixth place when it comes to its number of vaccinated people, putting it ahead of, among others, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden.

“We organized it as it is written in the ledger,” Klaus Iohannis stated a couple of weeks ago, referring to the vaccination campaign. Romania’s authorities have never managed to organize anything well, so many were skeptical upon hearing the president’s words. But so far, it looks like we’re doing pretty well versus other European countries when it comes to the immunization of the population.

According to ourworlddata.org, per the number of vaccinated people out of its total population, Romania ranks sixth in the European Union together with Latvia and Portugal.

Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary, stated that in one weekend, the entire population of Hungary could be vaccinated. Right now, Romania is ahead of Hungary, with 2.5 vaccinated out of 100 people, while in Hungary, this number is only 1.6.

Internationally, Israel has the most successful campaign, with 44.9 percent of its population vaccinated. Second is the United Arab Emirates with 26 percent, and third is Seychelles with 18.7 percent.

Romania is doing well at the European level because the vaccination campaign here started earlier than in other countries: on December 27.

Out of the EU member countries, Bulgaria has the lowest number of vaccinated people, only 0.4 percent of its population.

Featured photo: Agerpres

Author: Blanka Székely