Urgent demand to reopen hotels and restaurants

Representatives of the hotels and restaurants in Romania are demanding that the government reopen the interiors of hospitality locations.

The Employers’ Organisation of Hotels and Restaurants of Romania (HORA in Romanian) have requested an emergency meeting with the prime minister and the Ministers of Economy and Health to request the reopening.

The representatives of HORA state in an open letter addressed to Prime Minister Cîțu that they request an emergency reopening of the interiors of hospitality locations while respecting the current safety measures due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

“Considering the losses registered in this field and the risk of bankruptcy that threatens more than half of the operators in the field we request the following measures immediately.

1. The reopening of restaurant interiors while implementing the required sanitary safety measures.

2. To remove restaurants from the 3/1000 criteria [that they cannot open if there are 3 coronavirus cases per 1,000 residents in an area) and from the list of activities that risk spreading COVID-19, thus permitting their functioning without impediment and with a set of measures agreed upon in advance with the representatives of the industry, which will be respected by all operators,”  reads the HORA open letter.

HORA mentions that through this step, they wish to avoid the crashing of an entire segment of the economy given the fact that presently some 10,000 entrepreneurs are not able to re-open their businesses.

Featured image: earlytorise.com

Author: Blanka Székely