Union says mandatory vaccination of healthcare workers is unjustified

According to Sanitas, the Romanian union of healthcare workers, the introduction of mandatory vaccination against coronavirus for medical personnel, and, if COVID vaccination is refused, the regular testing of staff at their own expense is unjustified. As the union announced in a communique, the average vaccination rate among healthcare workers is almost two and a half times higher than the national rate.

“According to the survey made by the SANITAS Romania Federation, at this moment, 60.14% of the staff employed in healthcare are either vaccinated or have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the last six months! By professional category, the highest proportion is among doctors (70.36%), and the lowest among the supplementary health personnel (52.8%),” the union wrote on its Facebook page. This rate is 2.5 times higher than the national immunization rate, which is at 25.67 percent, Sanitas stressed.

The union also added that the immunization level of healthcare workers is very close to the percentage rate required to reach mass immunization. “Consequently, we consider that within the category of employees in the public health system, the danger of transmission and infection is minimal,” the federation pointed out.

“We should not ignore the fact that medical personnel works in a protected environment: They wear equipment and protect themselves by all means, so they are less likely to transmit the disease. Moreover, 3.69% of employees have been infected with the disease, so they benefit from a strong, more valuable and longer-lasting cellular immunity,” Sanitas announced on its Facebook Page.

So, the union thinks that the introduction of mandatory vaccination of healthcare workers, or the regular testing of staff that is not vaccinated at their expense, is unjustified.

A more coherent, better targeted and better documented vaccination campaign would be a fairer and more honest solution to increase vaccination coverage, the union stressed.

Photo: The average vaccination rate against COVID-19 among healthcare workers is almost two and a half times higher than the vaccination rate in Romania, so mandatory vaccination is unjustified. Photo: RO Vaccinare Facebook Page

Author: Orsi Sarány