Uncertainty around opening date of vaccination center for diaspora

Secretary of State of the Department for Romanians Abroad Oana Ursache announced the opening of a center for the vaccination of Romanians living abroad; it would be located just before customs in Nădlac and consist of several container units.

Vama Nădlac was chosen as a place for the vaccination center because it is the border crossing point most used by the diaspora. When the opening of this center was announced, Romanians living abroad were pleased by the idea, as they were upset about having to face quarantine, said Oana Ursache.

The containers will be placed before the actual border “because some people do not wish to enter the country; they just want to come, get vaccinated and go back,” said Urasche, who further clarified that the container units will have air conditioning.

However, the exact date as to when the Vama Nădlac center will open is not yet known. According to Ursache, on Saturday, 4,000 Romanians returned home and 600 of them went into compulsory quarantine.

“There is still no answer for the diaspora as to when they can come and get vaccinated in Vama Nădlac. For now, they are forced to enter through Arad and get vaccinated there. I hope that the authorized institutions will make efforts to place [the containers] and they will be functional as soon as possible,” Oana Ursache stated.


Featured photo: Tion.ro

Author: Blanka Székely