Tragic accident caused by a Romanian driver in Italy

A Romanian driver from the settlement of Beszterce-Naszód/Bistrița Năsăud County who caused a tragic accident on an Italian motorway near Arezzo had been driving “dead tired,” according to his confession to police officers, local newspaper Corriere della Sera writes. The sources say the Romanian had been convicted of a robbery in Calabria and received parole.

The 30-year-old Romanian driver had been driving continuously for 30 hours and had had a coffee right before his car ran into a lorry parked in the emergency lane, then bounced and hit another car. In his car were eight passengers (instead of the legal seven), the family members of the driver. Four passengers died immediately: two children, a 2-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy, and the driver’s parents.

The accident happened on the A1 motorway between Arezzo and Monte San Savino. The passengers were heading toward Napoli for work.

According to his statement, as cited by the Italian newspaper, the driver said, “I was dead tired; I couldn’t keep my eyes open.”

Now he is behind bars and the hearing to validate his arrest will take place on Monday. Then he will have the chance to explain in more detail the reasons for this tragic accident that caused the death of four of his family members.

Title image: Eight Romanians were involved in a tragic accident in Italy. Image source: Arezzo Noticie

Author: István Fekete