Tons of unused school milk set to expire in Temes County

More than 600 tons of milk cartons are lying around in a warehouse located in the village of Orczyfalva (Ortișoara, Orczydorf), reported the Nyugati Jelen news portal. The president of the Temes County Council in western Romania, Călin Dobra, has just recently found out about this huge stockpile of milk, which should have been distributed to students as part of  the school milk program.

Schools were closed in Romania as of March 11 to limit the growing numbers of coronavirus cases, and all classes were held online until the end of the school year. So the milk cartons meant for children studying in elementary schools were simply never sent out. The county president now insists that these milk supplies should be urgently distributed among hospitals, elderly care homes and childcare centers.

According to Călin Dobra, the European Commission has consented to giving the school milk away to destitute elderly citizens and children. If the stockpiled milk is not distributed in time, before it expires, all of it will have to be destroyed, which means an extra expense for the producer as well as extreme food waste.

The milk factory in Orczyfalva has provided milk for schools not just in Temes but several other counties, so there are about 3 million portions of milk in the warehouse.

Title image: The milk should be distributed before it expires


Author: Éva Zay