Thieves rob organized crime unit in Bucharest

The headquarters of the Brigade Fighting against Organized Crime was broken into on Friday night, while the policeman guarding the entrance was fast asleep. The thieves left with a couple of TV sets and other equipment; a break-in like this has never happened before in the modern-day history of the Romanian Police.

Taking advantage of the sleeping police officer on guard, a group of men entered the building. They slipped past the policeman and climbed up to the first floor, where the Headquarters of the Brigade Fighting against Organized Crime is located. There, although the door opens only with a card, they opened it without a problem and took everything they could carry out.

When leaving, the burglars passed the policeman again, arms loaded with TV sets, drills and other objects of value. After he woke up and found out what had happened during his watch, the officer on guard desperately announced the incident.

The burglars were later caught only by mistake.

While the forensics team was watching images caught on surveillance cameras, a serious fight was reported in the Rahova neighborhood.

A policeman from Section 19 arrived on the scene and noted that some men had gotten into a fight and were disturbing the peace. A couple of minutes later, the policeman found out that the brawlers were the same burglars who had robbed the police headquarters; they had gotten into a fight over who got what from the goods stolen. They were immediately restrained and are now in preventive detention.

Title image: BCCO headquarters in Bucharest. (source: Google Maps)


Author: Blanka Székely