The Hungarian-owned Manevi company would buy a monument in Arad

The former White Cross Hotel in Arad could be sold for EUR 3.5 million. An offer was made by Micro Vision Consult Ltd. in Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca, acting as agent for Manevi Zrt. in Hungary. This was the same agency that mediated the purchase of Hotel Pannonia in Szatmárnémeti/Satu-Mare, the former headquarters of the municipality in Nagykároly/Carei, and Wesselényi Castle in Zsibó/Jibău.

Because it is an imposing monument building and has not been used for a long time, it first had to be offered to the Ministry of Culture. However, since the ministry did not use its right to purchase it, the present owner approached the local and county governments. If the draft decision passes at the county general meeting and at the meeting of the body of representatives, the owner will sell the building to the mediator hired by Manevi Zrt.

According to the documentation, the present owner is a legal entity, Mayumi Srl. Pension, that operates a pension in Menyháza/Moneasa. According to the Romanian press, behind the business is a man of German origin from Újszentanna/Sântana.

The municipality itself does not have the funds to make the EUR 3.5 million offer required to purchase the building.

The present owner acquired the White Cross Hotel, with its 38 rooms, in 2019 for EUR 750,000. The building has always functioned as a hotel, aside from a couple of years when it functioned as a design institute of the Romanian state.

For the last couple of years, however, the hotel has been shut down and only the ground floor premises have been rented out by a pharmacy. The hotel was built in 1840 according to the plans of architect Franz Mahler, but there had been an inn at the same location even in the 18th century. In the main hall of the hotel, Franz Liszt held two concerts in 1846; Johann Strauss II, Johannes Brahms and Pablo Casals also all played there. Emperor Franz Jozef even stayed at the hotel when he came for the opening of the theater in 1874. Later on, many Hungarian and Romanian personalities were guests as well: Gyula Krúdy, Zsigmond Móricz, Ion Luca Caragiale and Octavian Goga.

Featured photo: Lehel Zsolt Pataky

Author: Blanka Székely