The highest paid civil servant? A former metal worker

The highest paid civil servant is now public, as well as who receives the most generous pension in Romania: a former metal worker and a prosecutor of the communist regime. “Theoretically, the best-paid civil servant in the country should be the president of the state. Nevertheless, thanks to some loopholes, there are certain individuals in Romania who seem to have a much fatter paycheck than President Klaus Iohannis,” transindex.ro wrote in a recent article.

Several Romanian news portals, among them BZI.ro reported that the highest-paid civil servant in Romania is a woman named Aurelia Surulescu who served as director of the Romanian Road Authority (ARR) between 2014 and 2019. At the moment, Surulescu is “just” the administrative services manager at ARR, yet in the declaration of income she filled in herself, she wrote that she earns EUR 12,000 a month. This amount is more than two times higher than the salary of President Iohannis, transindex.ro pointed out.

Subsequently, Surulescu has denied the information published by the media, claiming that the declaration of income was filled in erroneously. Hence, she has published a corrected version of the document, according to which in 2019, she was paid a total of RON 79,180 (EUR 16,244) by the Romanian Road Authority.

“By the way, according to Surulescu’s resume, she used to work as a metal cutter and also as a typist. Later, she studied Law at a university that does not have an accreditation. She has been politically active in the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and is vice president of the PSD’s local organization in the 6th district of Bucharest,” transindex.ro related.

The name of the person with the highest pension in Romania has also become public: According to BZI.ro, the beneficiary of the biggest pension is a certain Gheorghe Bălăşoiu who used to be a high-ranking prosecutor during the communist regime; he is also a former commander of the Colibaşi Penitentiary. As BZI.ro noted, the gross sum of Bălăşoiu’s pension was RON 73,890 (EUR 15,154), out of which he received a net amount of RON 66,701 (EUR 13,680). Moreover, as he had won a lawsuit against the pension fund, he will receive additional payments as well. Bălăşoiu is now 73 years old and lives in a huge villa in the city of Piteşti.

Title image: Aurelia Surulescu used to be a metal worker and a typist. Now she is known as the civil servant with the fattest paycheck in Romania.


Author: Éva Zay