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Cable cutter strikes again, internet users referred to their providers

The cable guillotine will return to four boulevards in the city center of Temesvár/Timișoara.

The representatives of the Temesvár/Timișoara City Hall will carry on with the cutting of aerial cables on four boulevards of the city’s central area as well as on some other streets starting this Friday night. Those left without internet are directed to complain to the agencies with whom they have a contract for these services.

According to City Hall, starting on May 29 at 9. p.m., cables will continue to be cut on additional streets in the city center. “We request that those citizens who have problems with voice/data transmission to directly address the agencies with whom they have ongoing contracts. All the operators have been repeatedly warned that they are obliged to place the cables underground,” states the General Directorate of Roads, Bridges, Parking Lots and Utility Networks, led by Culiță Chiș.

Work will begin on the following sections:

1.The Republicii Boulevard, the section between Paris street and Jiul street:

  1. Regele Ferdinand I Boulevard, the section from the Republicii Boulevard to the Maria Bridge
  2. Mihai Eminescu Boulevard, the section between the 20 Decembrie 1989 Boulevard to Revoluției din 1989 Boulevard
  3. 4.C.D. Loga Boulevard, the section from the Michelangelo street to the Revoluției din 1989 Boulevard and the adjoining streets

Officials at Timișoara City Hall have announced that there are underground sewage systems, and all work being done on the roads by City Hall includes the placement of cables underground.

On March 18, the liberal mayor of Temesvár got into the bucket of an aerial platform truck and cut dozens of cables installed by various cable television and internet service providers. This was his latest move in his battle against telecom companies, whose hefty black cables are both an eyesore and a public risk, threatening to overwhelm the pillars supporting them. Robu has for years been asking telecom companies to move the cables underground, giving them several deadlines to do so, which the companies continuously disregard.


Featured photo: cables in the Timișoara city center., tion.ro

Author: Blanka Székely