The cost of a trip to Transylvania after lockdown

Tourism is considered one of the hardest-hit industries in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, but as Europe begins to open up to tourists, so does Transylvania. With so many beautiful places to see and priceless assets to explore, now the question is whether the pandemic has impacted the cost of a trip to Transylvania.

Fortunately, we have good news: According to an analysis of a local booking site, Travelminit, the prices of local hotels and pensions did not change significantly. The cost of a night for two people ranges between RON 90 (~EUR 18.60) and RON 350 (~EUR 72.30), depending on the chosen accommodation.

Considering the above, the cost of a three-night trip within the borders of Romania will average RON 734 (~ EUR 151.60) for two, and RON 1000 (~ EUR 206.50) for a family with two children, breakfast included, according to Travelminit’s price analysis.

The most popular travel destinations chosen by travelers through their booking site are mountain and health resorts, as well as isolated pensions and hotels.

The outbreak has also resulted in new booking rules, which means that travelers are now looking for resorts that don’t require advance payments and have flexible cancellation policies. After tourism restarted in Transylvania, most bookings came from families with children, helped by government-provided vacation tickets.

Title image: The Peles Castle. Image source: Pixabay

Author: István Fekete