Archbishop of Gyulafehérvár hospitalized with coronavirus

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Gyulafehérvár (Alba-Iulia), Gergely Kovács, the highest-ranking priest of the Transylvanian Catholic Church, has tested positive for coronavirus, the Gyulafehérvár Archdiocese told the romkat.ro news portal. The archbishop, suffering from a high fever and feeling ill in general, was taken to the hospital on September 8, .

According to the communiqué, the archbishop had been feeling unwell since the ceremony of the Episcopal Ordination held on August 29, and his condition just continued to worsen. At first, he had symptoms of a common cold and thus contacted his general practitioner, asking for medical advice. Upon feeling unwell, the archbishop had isolated himself in his quarters until September 8 so as not to pose a threat to the health of others working and living in the Episcopal Palace. Unfortunately, the treatment to ease his symptoms did not work, as his high fever and headaches continued.

Archbishop Kovács was ultimately tested for coronavirus, and it has now been confirmed that he has the virus.

“The archbishop asks for us to pray and urges everyone to guard their own health as well as that of others,” stated the communiqué. The Archdiocese also promised to provide updates on the archbishop’s condition on the romkat.ro news portal.

Title image: The archbishop has been feeling unwell since August 29, at first showing symptoms of a cold

Source: ersekseg.ro/Dezső László

Author: Éva Zay