Temperature in Romania hits new low of -39.6 C

The temperature in Romania hit a new absolute low of -39.6 C (-39.8 F), recorded by meteorologist Zsombor Orbán on January 18, according to his Facebook post. The previous record low of -38.5 C (-37.3 F) was registered in February 1942 near Brassó/ Brașov.

The record was registered on the Pádis Plateau in the western Romanian Bihar/Bihor Mountains.

Orbán — a geography/history graduate of Marosvásárhely University — told TransylvaniaNow that he has worked as a meteorologist for 14 years and his passion is registering extreme cold temperatures.

“Extreme climates have been a passion of mine since childhood,” Orbán said. He has made several trips to Mongolia and Turkmenistan for that purpose and this autumn is planning a trip to Iran.

He also runs The Exiled Weatherman, a blog about extreme climates.

Title image: Data recorder shows new absolute low temperature in Romania. (source: Facebook/Zsombor Orbán)



Author: Dénes Albert