Temes County Hospital sets up modular unit for COVID-19 patients

The County Hospital of Temesvár (Timişoara) is about to be supplemented with a completely equipped modular hospital to add more capacity for the treatment of patients infected with coronavirus. The announcement was made by hospital manager Raul Pătraşcu after his Saturday meeting with Romanian Prime Minister Ludovic Orban.

At the meeting, PM Orban was updated with the current healthcare situation in western Romania’s Temes (Timiş) County. An anesthesiologist and intensive care specialist of the Temesvár County Hospital, Doctor Dorel Săndesc, informed Orban of the very urgent needs that must be addressed so that the hospital can effectively continue the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

After the discussion with Orban, Pătraşcu mentioned that the county hospitals of the other two big regional centers for COVID-19 treatment — Kolozs (Cluj) and Iaşi in eastern Romania — will also be eligible to apply for state-financed modular hospitals.

The capacity of COVID-hospitals has been stretched to its limits due to the alarming increase in cases, so a prefabricated modular hospital will be a big help; it is going to be equipped with all the necessary facilities, including intensive care beds, Pătraşcu explained.

“We’ve had an exemplary collaboration with the other hospitals in the city engaged in treating coronavirus cases, and we did not have to send a single patient away from Temes to be treated somewhere else in the country. Moreover, we have received and treated many COVID-19 patients in severe or critical condition from all over Romania,” the hospital manager pointed out. He also added that Temes County Hospital has a total of 4,300 employees as well as 500 volunteers who have been with the effort since the beginning of the pandemic – medics, resident doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants and stretcher-bearers.

“They should become an official part of the hospital’s medical team, thus the possibility of new job openings was also discussed with the PM,” emphasized Pătraşcu. “May God help us all in this continuous fight, and may He give us health to be able to care for ALL the patients who need us,” concluded the hospital manager.

Title image: COVID-19 hospitals are operating at maximum capacity in all the big regional treatment centers. Modular hospitals are needed to be able to handle the continuous influx of patients. The image is an illustration.

Source: rohealthreview.ro



Author: Éva Zay