Supreme Court appeals to Constitutional Court about privileged pensions

The lower house of the Romanian Parliament passed on Tuesday a law abolishing all privileged pensions except those of former police and military. The law also eliminated the privileged pensions of judges and prosecutors, so the Romanian Supreme Court has decided that it will appeal to the Constitutional Court about the new law.

“The Supreme Court has unanimously decided to seek prior normative control before the law abolishing the special pension for judges and prosecutors is announced,” a press release of the Supreme Court stated. According to the law 2004/304, the Joint Section of the Supreme Court may ask for prior normative control before a law is promulgated.

The plenary session of Supreme Court judges met on Wednesday, with the participation of 103 judges, and decided to ask for the control and to appeal to the Constitutional Court. Later, it will verify the constitutionality of this law adopted by the Deputy Chamber before its promulgation.

At the end of last year, the chief of the Supreme Court, Alina Corbu, stated: If the special pensions of the judges are eliminated, they will take every constitutional possibility to protect the judicial authority and to secure its independence.

Title image: qmagazine.ro

Author: Orsi Sarány