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Students celebrated the Day of Hungarian Culture in Kolozsvár

Kölcsey Ferenc – one of the biggest name in Hungarian culture – finished the manuscript of the National Anthem of Hungary in 1823, and since 1989 the 22nd day of January is the Day of the Hungarian Culture. On this day Hungarians worldwide celebrate their culture with exhibitions, concerts, book launches, literary evenings, theater plays, or with any other cultural event.

The idea of celebrating the Day of Hungarian Culture dates back to 1985, to the pianist Árpád Fasang. He thought that a day like this would be perfect to remember what Hungary and the Hungarian culture gave Europe and the world, and would help the nation as well. It was officially declared in 1989.

In Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca even the Hungarian students joined the celebration. The students of the János Zsigmond Unitarian College, the Calvinist College of Kolozsvár and the Báthory István High School made a flashmob in the center of Kolozsvár on January 21 and sang My mother, my homeland by Mátyás Kozma. Later that day, at the Consulate General of Hungary in Kolozsvár an exhibition presenting the works of the fine art students of the Apáczai Csere János High School was opened. The exhibition is entitled, The land of Hymnusz: The land of Szatmár.


Title image: The Hungarian students of Kolozsvár sing in the center of the city. Photo: Rohonyi D. Iván


Author: Orsi Sarány