Sign up for the (H)azám!/ My homeland! online quiz series

In the spirit of national togetherness and organized by the Alliance of Family Organizations of the Carpathian Basin, Hungarian families from throughout the Carpathian Basin are invited to participate in an exciting game called (H)azám! My homeland!, with some valuable prizes to boot.

The purpose of the online quiz series is to get as many Hungarian families as possible onto this Hungarian cultural playground, where Hungarian identity, respect for ancestors and creativity is valued. The game is also made to be fun for the whole family.

The topics of the quiz: Hungarian History, Literature, Fine Arts, Science, Folk Traditions and Sports. The game consists of three rounds: two online quizzes and a live final in Budapest.

The deadline for the first online round is midnight on April 17, 2020. The second round will be from April 25, 2020, to midnight on May 10, 2020 (this may change according to the situation created by the pandemic).

The six teams that collect the most points during the first two online rounds will enter the final, which will take place on May 23 in Budapest. There, judges will decide on the winning family.

Participants in the final may win holidays in Transylvania, household appliances and book vouchers.

Zsuzsanna Márton, president of the Alliance of Family Organizations of the Carpathian Basin said that this game serves as a serious community-building activity, something that is greatly needed in today’s individualistic world, even more so now with people so isolated due to the coronavirus. The president is asking all Hungarian families to stay at home if they can and to respect the medical regulations in place to prevent the spread of the epidemic. She also is, of course, asking that as many as possible register to play (H)azám! My homeland! on the www.ncsv.hu website.

The program is supported by the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities as well.

Featured photo: www.ncsv.hu

Author: Blanka Székely