Sepsiszentgyörgy / Sfântu Gheorghe signs EUR 26 million investment contract

Sepsiszentgyörgy, a city of 54,600 inhabitants (according to the 2011 census), will undergo a major transformation of its infrastructure, as its mayor, Árpád Antal, has signed the biggest investment project recorded in this city so far: RON 127 million (EUR 26.2 million) will be poured into infrastructure developments to pave the way toward a sustainable future. Of that, RON 17 million (EUR 3.5 million) will be paid from the city’s budget.

The city plans to purchase electric buses, build cycle lanes and paths, and sidewalks to speed up commuting and “shape a modern, attractive, and clean city which lives up to western standards,” the mayor of Sepsiszentgyörgy said during a press conference announcing the major investment plans.

This is the biggest REGIO project, Centre Regional Development Agency director Simion Crețu added. It compares to Marosvásárhely/Târgu Mureș, where, despite civil efforts, the city management has refrained from signing up for such major investment projects that include cycle lanes (for example) for safer commuting using alternative transportation. Marosvásárhely also has a lot to improve on in terms of public transportation infrastructure: inhabitants are still waiting for the long-promised electric buses or at least a complete overhaul of the bus fleets.

Sepsiszentgyörgy will purchase 12 electric buses, modernize (and create) 64 bus stations, and install ticket machines, the mayor announced. The investment plan, which spans the next 36 months, will see 13.64 km of sidewalks upgraded, a 7 km bicycle path built along the Olt River, and a bicycle rental system established with 230 bikes and 12 trikes, among others.

The details of the major investments, which also include green spaces, sports grounds, and building a new kindergarten, can be found on the local authority’s website.

Title image: Sepsiszentgyörgy mayor Árpád Antal (on the left) and Centre Regional Development Agency director Simion Crețu (on the right) sign the major investment contract. Image source: sepsiszentgyorgyinfo.ro

Author: István Fekete