Second skating rink opens in Marosvásárhelyen/Târgu Mureș

After some final adjustments, the second skating rink opened this morning in Marosvásárhelyen/Târgu Mureș. Christmas break is over, but people can still now skate at Thater Square until late at night, every day.

The mayor of Marosvásárhely/Târgu Mureș, Zoltán Soós, announced Sunday on social media  that he had decided to open another skating rink, this time at Theatre Square. According to the city manager, they needed to open another rink because the one in the city fortress proved to be quite small. He explained that due to the pandemic-related restrictions, only 90 people can use that rink at the same time, even though many more would like to skate; at times, there were some 300 people who were waiting to buy tickets.

At the Theatre Square rink, which is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., 90 people can also be on the ice at the same time for one hour; then, after a half-hour break, the next skaters get their turn. Although the prices have not yet been communicated, in previous years, they were similar to those at the fortress rink: 8 RON for kids and 10 RON for adults.

Featured image: Zoltán Rab/Székelyhon

Author: Blanka Székely