Safe stolen while owner was sleeping upstairs

Robbers had the nerve to steal a safe in Lugos/Lugoj, Temes/Timiș county from the headquarters of a funeral company while the owner was sleeping upstairs. They took the safe full of money and fled. The robbery took place on Sunday night in the building, where the owners of the company live.

The robbery was discovered by the owner of the company on Monday at about 7.20 a.m. Unknown perpetrators entered the courtyard of the building through the main entrance after they forced the lock. They entered the building through the window and they went directly to the office where the safe with the money was. They stole the whole safe and when leaving they took also the DVR of the video surveillance system.

Law enforcement leapt into action and opened a penal dossier for qualified theft. They now are trying to track down the robbers. So far they established that the robbery took place between the hours 21-07 and the robbers acted without being noticed. All this while the owner of the business and his family were in the same building, where their home also is. The amount of the damage was not yet established.

Author: Blanka Székely