Romanian senators and representatives paid as much as Western counterparts

Romania may be the second poorest country in the European Union, but Romanian senators and representatives are paid according to the standards of Western European countries, Europa Liberă reports.

The survey was made in relation to the ongoing dispute about the right of Romania’s representatives and senators to special pensions. The Romanian parliament already voted for, and President Klaus Johannis proclaimed as law, the abolition of these special pensions, but the association of retired parliamentarians summoned the Ombudsman to contest the legislation in the Constitutional Court. Iulian Bulai, representative (Save Romania Union), detailed the benefits members of parliament are entitled to. According to him, the representatives get RON 10,500 (about EUR 2,000) as a monthly salary.

Members of the Constant Commission, as well as heads of some Parliamentary Commissions, receive an additional 1,000 RON. Plus, on top of the net basic pay of RON 10,500, parliamentarians receive a daily allowance of RON 260 while staying in Bucharest and RON 4,400 for rent. Their monthly travel costs are also covered, to the tune of RON 1,400. Meanwhile, the budget for an office maintained in their electoral district is RON 25,000, which covers the cost of staff, rent, cooperation contracts, consumables and other invoices. So the total amount allocated to a member of parliament in Romania each month is RON 46,000, or EUR 10,000.

In Italy, monthly salaries for representatives can range between EUR 8,000 and 14,600 and is currently EUR 11,703 gross, EUR 5,346 net. They are also entitled to a bonus of EUR 3,500 for their presence in parliament, plus reimbursement for other expenses of up to EUR 3,690. Additionally, they receive between EUR 3,323 and 3,995 every three months for travel, and a yearly amount of EUR 1,200 is allocated for mobile phone services as well.

Italian senators receive a monthly salary of EUR 11,555 gross, EUR 5,304 net, plus a EUR 3,500 bonus and EUR 6,830 for other costs (e.g., for phone and travel).

The yearly salary of a British parliamentarian is EUR 7,920, with other costs related to the office covered as well.

In France, members of parliament have been paid the same as workers of the highest administrative court, the State Council, since 1938. French parliamentarians receive a total of EUR 7,239 net. Members of the German Bundestag, the parliament of the richest country in the EU, are paid a total monthly salary of EUR 10,083 gross. They are not entitled to any further bonuses.

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Featured photo: B1.ro

Author: Blanka Székely