Romanian President and Speaker of the House exchange invectives

They are on opposite sides of the political spectrum and there is no love lost between the two: Romanian President Klaus Iohannis is a liberal (PNL) while Speaker of the House Liviu Dragnea the leader of the Social-Democrats (PSD). There have been some harsh words exchanged between the two, but just days before Dragnea’s PSD faces a vote of no confidence in parliament he branded Iohannis a “traitor”.

“Iohannis is a traitor of the country and has been saying for some time that the country is unprepared to take over the revolving presidency of the European Union. This is treason. I ask the experts that together with (justice minister) Tudorel Toader they start legal proceedings early next year for treason against Klaus Werner Iohannis.”

This was a tit-for-tat response against what Iohannis said last month: “It’s the 12th hour [and] we are totally unprepared,” Iohannis said. “There’s no chance of a good government… or proper involvement in European affairs.”

And only last week, Iohannis said “it is evident that this government is ran by the felon Dragnea through intermediaries.”

The country has a PSD-government led by Viorica Dăncilă, but most agree that the real power behind her is Dragnea, who cannot hold office because of his previous convictions for fraud and election rigging.

Title image: Klaus Iohannis (L) and Liviu Dragnea (R)

Author: Dénes Albert