Romanian police find EUR 300 mln cocaine cache

Romanian police found a 300 million euros cocaine haul in and around a capsized boat in the Danube delta, news portal reports.

Police was first notified that a one-kilogram package later ascertained to contain cocaine fell from a panel van. Laboratory tests showed it was of 90% purity. Police then proceeded to reconstruct the route of the van and as a result found 1,040 kilograms of cocaine wrapped in tire inner tubes in identical packages sporting the same logo near Sfantu Gheorghe in the Danube delta.

Police said that while the initial find of the one-kilogram package was entirely accidental, the following police work was swift and professional. The cocaine is of South American origin and was intended for Western Europe. So far police have detained two Serbian citizens connected to the case but said the investigation isn’t over yet and there might also be Romanian citizens involved.

This was the second largest cocaine haul in Romania, the biggest – 2.5 tonnes of cocaine – was found in a ship in the Black Sea port of Constanta in 2013.

Author: Dénes Albert