Romanian minimum wage to rise from December 1

Romanian minimum wages will increase from December 1 instead of the previously planned January 1, 2019, labor minister Lia Olguța Vasilescu announced. A new category of minimum wage for those with higher education will also be introduced and the minimum wage for those with over 15 years of work experience will also be increased.

For this to happen, the Labor Code will have to be amended by Parliament – as it currently does not differentiate specific types of minimum wages – and the government will subsequently have to issue a decree with the actual increase per category. In line with the government’s medium-term plan to increase public employee wages by 2022, in 2019 those wages wages will increase with a proportional 25%.

The new minimum wage will be RON 2,080 ($509) and RON 2,350 ($575) for those with superior studies, respectively.

Author: Dénes Albert