Romania should focus on relations with Hungary – poll

Most Romanians think that among its neighbors the country should foster the best relationship with Hungary, a recent opinion poll by Romanian polling firm Avantgarde showed. The study was based on a representative sample of 807 people asked between November 15-17 and has an error margin of 3.2%.

Among those asked, 31% said Romania should seek to have the best relations with Hungary among its neighbors, followed by the Republic of Moldova (28%), Ukraine and Bulgaria (12% each) and Serbia (5%). Another five percent said Romania should foster best relations with all of its neighbors and 3% said with none of them.

Probably the most interesting response came to the question whether Romania should unify with the Republic of Moldova (to the northeast): 60% said yes and only 27% oppose union.

Asked who they think are Romania’s most powerful neighbors, most respondents chose Hungary (49%), Ukraine (19%), the Republic of Moldova (14%), Serbia (11%), Bulgaria (4%) while 3% of the answers said another country.

(Editors’ note:Romania has no other neighbors).

Author: Dénes Albert