Romania has bumper grains crop of over 30 mln tonnes

Romania harvested a record grains crop of 30 million tonnes compared with an already excellent crop of almost 27 million tonnes last year, agriculture minister Petre Daea told new agency Agerpres.

With this year’c crop, Romania is the European Union’s largest producer of both maize and sunflower seed. This year’s sunflower seed crop was 3.35 million tonnes, another record. The maize crop currently stand at 18 million tonnes, though 0.5% of the maize area has yet to be harvested. Despite the unfavorable weather conditions, this year’s wheat crop of 10.2 million tonnes has also surpassed last year’s by 2.3%. The harvest of early-crop grains (barley, rye, oat and triticale) was 12.8 million tonnes, up 1%.

Author: Dénes Albert