Rock classics at Bánffy Castle this September

Several hundred musicians will perform together in the first joint show of Iskola Foundation and CityRocks Productions on September 11 at Bánffy Castle in Bonchida/Bonțida. Rock classics will be performed during the production from groups such as: Metallica, Queen, Depeche Mode, Green Day, Bryan Adams and Tankcsapda.

The Iskola Foundation initiated the project with CityRocks Productions from Szeged back in 2019 with the title CityRocks – the greatest rock band of Central Europe in Bonchida.

“CityRocks is a group of musician friends from Szeged, which almost 1,500 members joined from all over Europe. We believe that live music performed on real instruments is not yet dead because performing together means collaboration, which will always be able to build communities,” reads their website.

CityRocks Productions has organized musical flash mobs in Hungary several times, but this will be their first event outside the country. “We began to organize rock music productions in 2018, first in Szeged, where we worked together with 400 musicians, then in Kecskemét with 500, but the purpose was always not to be bound only to Szeged and Hungary,” the group’s executive director, Ferenc Gajda, said.

Both Hungarian and international musicians perform in the band, thus the name: Central Europe’s greatest rock band.

Zoltán Nagy, the president of the Iskola Foundation, said: “Planning for the event began more than a year ago, and their purpose was to organize a concert that would be unparalleled not only in Transylvania but all of Romania, so they found CityRocks Productions. Bonchida is a place that has proven to be perfect for such musical productions.”

“It will be the greatest rock music flash mob of Central Europe, where several hundred musicians will perform together at the same time. There will be songs such as: Queen’s We will rock you and Joan Jett’s I love Rock and Roll. There will also be songs from Bryan Adams, Green Day, The White Stripes, Black Sabbath and Tankcsapda performed. The mother tongue of rock music is English, so the playlist will mainly follow this idea.

Tickets will go on sale for the event starting July 8. They will cost RON 25, and the proceeds will be spent on renovating the castle. All those who wish to perform in the production as singers or guitar players may still sign up on the website of the event: cityrocks.ro.

Featured photo: magyarnapok.ro


Author: Blanka Székely