RMDSZ would re-open schools starting February 8

The Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (known by the acronym RMDSZ in Hungarian) continues to represent the standpoint that educational institutions should be opened on February 8, stated Hunor Kelemen, president of RMDSZ.

“RMDSZ represents the standpoint and also works to persuade its governmental partners that at the start of the second semester, from February the 8th, kindergartens should be opened and education via a physical presence in elementary classes as well as 8th and 12th grades [due to important testing in these years] should start. We formulated in our electoral campaign and insist on experts’ opinion that with the partial opening of kindergartens and schools, preschoolers and students will be in a controlled environment because teachers and professors will do everything possible to comply with the public health regulations,” Hunor Kelemen wrote on Facebook.

The president of RMDSZ took into account that there is daily healthcare supervision in kindergartens and schools, that screening can take place, and that in the case of any infection found, those that the infected person came into contact with could be easily traced

On Wednesday, education minister Sorin Cîmpeanu said that if it were up to him, he would reopen schools “tomorrow”, but it was not his decision, but that of the National Council for Emergency Situations (CNSU), based on the evaluation of the National Research Council.

Earlier this week, Cîmpeanu said that the ministry would give priority to re-opening kindergartens and elementary schools.

Featured photo: The New York Times

Author: Blanka Székely