RMDSZ: The country needs a budget as soon as possible

On Monday, the Romanian Senate adopted a simple motion against the Minister of Public Finance, Florin Citu. The motion, named “PNL Government, your name is austerity,” was initiated by 41 Social Democratic senators and received 59 votes in favor, 56 against and two abstentions. The members of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians of Romania (RMDSZ) did not vote for the simple motion.

“For Romania, the primary consideration is to set up a budget as soon as possible; we have taken into consideration predictability and to ensure the functioning of local councils. The aim is to solve the problems with the budget, not the political battle,” Barna Tánczos, senator of the RMDSZ and financial policy maker, said on Monday in Bucharest.

Tánczos added that under these circumstances it is very challenging to set up a budget for next year. Still, it is the duty of the finance minister, appointed only a month ago. “To replace the new minister would not solve anything. We expect him to come up with solutions. That is why the senators of the RMDSZ voted against the motion,” Tánczos pointed out.

The RMDSZ does not fully support the new government led by liberal politician, Ludovic Orban. As we reported yesterday, the RMDSZ will mercilessly vote for a motion of no-confidence in the government if it does not respect the agreement made before ousting the PSD government led by Viorica Dăncilă, and if – in opposition to their promises – it changes the one-round system for municipal elections to a two-round system. If this latter happens, RMDSZ may as many as 20% of the mayoral offices it now controls in next year’s elections.

Title image: Barna Tánczos: it is really challenging, under these circumstances, to set up a budget for next year. Photo: Facebook/Barna Tánczos

Author: Orsi Sarány