RMDSZ firmly against Macron’s two-speed Europe – Winkler

The Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ) firmly rejects any attempt at creating a two- or multi-speed Europe, RMDSZ MEP Gyula Winkler said in an election debate no national television.

“We, the RMDSZ, firmly reject President Emmanuel Macron’s proposal – which he presented in a very charming way, using even the noble ideals of freedom, equality and brotherhood”, Winkler said. “But if we read carefully between the lines, his intent becomes evident. President Macron, who after his election wanted to reform France, quickly realized he is unable to do that, so he has decided to reform Europe instead. This idea of a two- or multi-speed Europe must be rejected entirely.”

Winkler also said the European Union should return to the ideals of its founding fathers. “Europe must be the union of communities and regions. The Hungarian community in Romania can only find its place in a Europe that provides equal opportunities and equal rights”, he said.

He added that before speaking of his party’s European intentions, it was crucial to establish what it wants in Romania. Winkler said restoring consensus and solidarity – with the inclusion of national minorities, such as the Hungarian community – was the first step. Once that consensus is in place, RMDSZ must find allies with whom it can amplify the voice of Romania in Europe.

“We must first find the tone that has the support of the Romanian society, the Hungarian community and and the other national communities, because Romania is a state of multiple ethnicities and cultures”, Winkler said. “A state where the principle of tolerance is always respected.”

Author: Dénes Albert