Restaurants could open from the 1st of September in Romania

“Negotiations will also take place this week on the opening of theatres and cinemas,” stated Prime Minister Ludovic Orban.

“We will discuss this subject during this week. I requested the point of view of specialists from the Technical Scientific Support Group and also that of other specialists to see their recommendations and proposals. My intention is to have a decision sometime this week, even more because the summer season will end and it will be harder for the hotels to be able to serve food on the terraces,” Ludovic Orban specified. He stated also that colder weather in the mountainous areas is already making serving food in open spaces difficult. He further said that restaurants will most likely open in the first part of September.

“We’ll see, we’ll decide. It will happen probably from the 1st of September under some conditions,” he said. He added that there is a possibility of restarting cultural life in closed spaces as well.

We are discussing the possibility of restarting cultural activities in theaters and cinemas, of course, with a set of conditions: social distancing, wearing of masks, disinfection and other possible solutions to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, Orban affirmed.

Concerning spectators in stadiums, the prime minister pointed out that fans are very hard to control and due to this, the risk of transmitting the coronavirus is very high. But if the number of infections decreases and there are no cases in a given locality, games with an audience may take place.

Featured image: Romania Insider

Author: Blanka Székely