Rally for Transylvanian autonomy in Marosvásárhely

Thousands of ethnic Hungarians rallied on March 10 in Marosvásárhely/Târgu Mureș for the autonomy of Transylvania.

The rally was organized by the Szekler National Council (SZNT) on the Day of Szekler Freedom. It was on March 10, 1854 that the Austrian rulers executed the four leaders of the so-called Makk conspiracy, designed to bring Lajos Kossuth to power in Transylvania. Kossuth was the exiled leader of the 1848-49 Hungarian anti-Habsburg revolution.

SZNT President Balázs Izsák said at the rally that Romania, despite its EU presidency slogan of “cohesion as an European value” leads a consistent policy of economic deprivation of Transylvania under EU pretenses.


Reformed bishop László Tőkés speaks at the memorial of the Szekler martyrs (image: MTI/Gergely L. Boda)

Reformed bishop László Tőkés – the focal point of the the 1989 Romanian revolution – said that the ethnic Hungarians of Transylvania do not wish to follow the fate of the “banished and sold” Saxon and Schwab (German) minority of Transylvania.

Hungarian politicians also expressed their support for the call for Transylvanian autonomy. Katalin Szili, the Hungarian Prime Minister’s emissary for Hungarian autonomy abroad said in a written message that “through its repeated bad decisions the European Commission is hindering the solution of the issues of indigenous ethnic minorities in Europe”.

Title image: Ethnic Hungarians rally in Marosvásárhely for Transylvanian autonomy (MTI/Gergely L. Boda)

Author: Dénes Albert