Quarantine village may become home for the homeless

The city hall of Temesvár/Timișoara would move homeless people to the container home village that was created for placing people infected with coronavirus in quarantine. The village contains 20 container homes. The social directorate of the city hall originally bought the first eight container homes; then during the pandemic, they bought 12 more units out of which they created a quarantine village, which as of the first of June had been completely emptied.

According to the proposal in front of the council, the container homes used to quarantine homes, which were equipped with public utilities, would remain where they are and be used for accommodating the homeless. The measure would also serve the health protection of the population because the nomadic lifestyle of the homeless would endanger the epidemiological protection of the population, says the proposal.

The creation of the new homeless accommodation would disencumber the county as well as the city hospital by lowering the number of homeless residing on the streets who have an increased exposure to COVID-19 and also more greatly disseminate the virus in the community. The homeless in the village at the edge of Vadászerdő/Dumbrăviţa would receive medical care and disinfection. They would also receive clean clothes and warm food three times per day.

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Author: Blanka Székely