PSD spokesman: map of Greater Hungary causes only frustration

At a press conference on Saturday, the spokesman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Lucian Romaşcanu, condemned Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for posting the map of Greater Hungary. According to Romaşcanu, such maps should be kept in libraries, as they only cause frustration and dissension.

But Romaşcanu was not the only one who did not appreciate Orbán’s picture, which he posted to wish good luck to students attending their high school graduation exams in history. Romanian Prime Minister Ludovic Orban reacted by saying “pasărea mălai visează” (“a bird dreams of hominy”).

At the press conference on Saturday, Romaşcanu also announced that his party is ready to discuss the development of the country with any parliamentary parties. He said that right now a motion of no confidence is “inappropriate,” but if the ruling National Liberal Party (PNL) “continues to ignore” Romania’s real interests, the PSD will be “forced into a position” of having to consider such a course of action.

The spokesman added, “it could easily happen” that the PSD will submit a simple motion against Minister of Labor Violeta Alexandru, as she has acted unprofessionally several times – like when support for those who were placed on forced leave was delayed. He also added that they expect Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu to report on how the ministry has helped Romanian citizens working abroad.

Romaşcanu asked the government: Upon what grounds do they intend to restrict the rights and freedoms of citizens during the state of emergency? After the president and the prime minister made a constitutional mistake, with the state now having to pay the price, it would be wise of them not to make an even bigger error. He stressed that according to the constitution, fundamental rights can only be restricted via legislation adopted by the parliament.

Title image: According to Lucian Romaşcanu, the PSD is ready to discuss the development of the country with any parliamentary party. Photo: Inquam Photos / Octav Ganea

Author: Orsi Sarány