Pro România politician supports housing for graduate students in Temesvár

The Pro România party’s candidate for the position of president of the Temes (Timiș) County Council, Adrian Pau, aims to realize one of the projects he cares so much about: Housing for the best graduate students from the universities in Temesvár (Timișoara). The project has two important components: Stop the migration of talented youth from Temesvár and offer them help at the beginning of their life and career, local news portal tion.ro reports.

“Young people are our greatest resource, and, thank God, we do not lack talented youngsters in Temesvár. But many of them choose to go abroad after graduating from university, which is a worrying fact, as this young generation may create added value in Temesvár and Temes County. I know that at the beginning of your adult life, at your first job, the salaries are not the highest, and rent can be half of your salary. That is why we choose to support the best students at the universities in Temesvár, who would be able to live, free of charge for three years, in apartments that we will build from the funds of the Timiș County Council,” Adrian Pau said.

According to the candidate, this project may be financed by the County Council, as year after year, the institution has reported a budget surplus.

“The budget of the Temes County Council is a generous one; however, it is alarming that every year there is a budget surplus. For example, in 2019, RON 210 million (EUR 43 million) remained unspent. This is proof of poor management. This project, which I care so much about, would not be a big deal for the Temes County Council’s budget, taking into consideration that this institution owns enough land on which these apartments could be built. I think this would represent great support for the young people of Temesvár and Temes County,” Pau, the coordinator of the Temes County department of the Pro România party said.

Title image: Adrian Pau tries to stop the migration of young people from Temesvár. Photo: debanat.ro

Author: Orsi Sarány