President Iohannis announces new hunting law

President Klaus Iohannis announced on Thursday an amendment to the hunting law, which, among other things, provides compensation for the victims of bear and wild boar attacks. The new law modifies the definition of hunter and hunting and also provides compensation for victims of bear and wild boar attacks.

According to the changes accepted, using spotlights is no longer a criminal act during emergency wild boar hunting, performed in order to prevent wild animal damage or the spread of the swine fever. However, the law prohibits the use of pointing lasers, light-based aiming devices, infrared binoculars and thermal cameras during night hunting, one exception being while hunting for wild boars, jackals and foxes approved by the central authority.

Also, from now on, if a bear is considered dangerous and the Ministry of Environment approves of its removal, the Ministry has to pay for the removal.

Additionally, the law now states that if a protected animal – such as a bear or wild boar – causes damage to or kills someone, the victim’s hospital or funeral expenses are to be paid by the central hunting authority and/or the central environmental authority. Further compensation will be commensurate with the victim’s salary and number of days of inactivity. If the victim was unemployed, the rate of compensation will be equal to the actual minimum wage.

Feature image: From now on the Ministry of Environment pays for the removal of dangerous bears (Image source: Index.hu)

Author: Orsi Sarány