Parents can enjoy the holiday with their children

Parents who have been taking care of children under the age of 12 during the state of emergency can stay home during the Eastern school holiday. Last Thursday, the Romanian Government adopted an emergency ordinance granting parents days off for the supervision of their children during school holidays. Since the state of emergency was declared, all Romanian schools have been closed, so parents were given paid leave by the Government to stay home.

The measure was necessary due to the current drastic restrictions on freedom of movement enacted through a series of military ordinances. These restrictions primarily affect the elderly, making it so that they can’t help parents care for children, that is, their grandchildren.

In the case of parents already benefiting from days off, granted by law, the extension of this period is automatic, and employers must inform employees about this right through electronic communication.

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban also asked Minister of Labor Violeta Alexandru if she had prepared a regulation so that parents could receive 75 percent of their pay during the holiday.

“When we adopted Law 19, granting one parent paid leave to take care of their children at home, we did not know how the epidemic would evolve,” the minister said. Alexandru assured people that during school holidays, the parents would be able to benefit from financial support as well in order to stay home with their children.

Title image: All schools are closed in Romania, so the government adopted a law that grants one parent paid leave. Photo: kozepsuli.hu

Author: Orsi Sarány