Only life-saving surgeries performed without coronavirus test

Life-saving surgeries are being performed immediately, while other types of surgical interventions are being delayed until the patient is tested for coronavirus, the director of the hospital in Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfântu Gheorghe), Róbert András Nagy, announced at an online press conference on Wednesday. The director of the “Fogolyán Kristóf” County Emergency Hospital spoke after his institute was criticized on Facebook for not treating a patient fast enough, maszol.ro reports.

Róbert András Nagy said at the online press conference that he usually does not react to social media posts, but a city council member of Sepsiszentgyörgy also shared the post of a patient’s dissatisfied relative, so he was forced to clarify hospital procedures. The person complaining explained on Facebook that his relative had been admitted to the emergency department of the hospital with a bone fracture. After being treated at the ER, the hospital scheduled his surgery two days later so that the patient could be tested for coronavirus. The hospital director pointed out that it is necessary to test patients for the virus before surgery to protect medical personnel and other hospitalized patients. He also added that surgeries must be prepared properly, taking into account several medical criteria and the condition of the patient.

Nagy stressed that all life-saving surgeries are performed immediately, as they override the epidemiological regulations. But in other cases, they perform the medical intervention only after the patient has been tested. “Our goal and the goal of the relatives are the same: We want to provide professional and safe treatment to all patients,” Nagy explained.

Róbert András Nagy usually does not react to social media posts. Photo: maszol.ro/Kovács Zsolt

On Wednesday, 28 coronavirus patients and 11 people suspected of being infected were treated in the Fogolyán Kristóf County Emergency Hospital, Nagy said. The director added that 18 patients in stable, satisfactory condition are being treated in the department for infectious diseases, six are in the department of surgery as they recover from different surgeries, and four people are in intensive care. In the last two weeks, only one patient has died of COVID-19 at the hospital in Sepsiszentgyörgy. The woman had been at the hospital in Brassó (Brașov), but after she was found to be infected, she was transferred to Sepsiszentgyörgy

Nagy noted that since June 22, with the permission of the public health authority, any medical intervention can once again be performed, not only those related to coronavirus. In the last month, 2,076 cases were registered in the ER, 678 of whom were hospitalized for further treatment, while 7,167 people received treatment in the outpatient department, several of whom were also hospitalized. Between June 22 and July 22, a total of 830 people were treated with different symptoms, while 161 surgeries and 65 deliveries were performed.

According to the hospital director, the number of medical interventions has halved compared to the pre-epidemic period. The director explained, it is not only typical for the Sepsiszentgyörgy hospital, but practically all over the world, the number of patients being treated in hospitals has decreased significantly.

Title image: The Fogolyán Kristóf County Emergency Hospital of Sepsiszentgyörgy. Photo: Székely Hírmondó

Author: Orsi Sarány