Romanian nurses care for elderly in Austria

Tonight, 104 nurses will leave via a special train from Temesvár/Timișoara to work in Austria. This is the second special train of seasonal workers that has left from the North Train Station in Timișoara during the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

The first special train left from Timișoara on the night of May 10 with 74 seasonal workers on board. And the inspectors of the Territorial Work Inspectorate of Timiș County will be present for the departure of the special train tonight, just as they were when the first one left days ago.

“104 nurses leave from Romania to Austria to take care of the elderly. There are workers from 13 counties including Timiș county. The inspectors will be present, and they will check the work contracts. They will check if they have medical insurance, their final destination in Austria and if they are leaving through a workforce recruiting agent in Romania. All these agencies are in the records of the Territorial Work Inspectorates of the country. We in Timiș have 16 agencies that have this kind of activity – this means they are international workforce recruiting agents,” declared Pavel Kasai, chief inspector of the Timiș county Territorial Work Inspectorate.

The train contains five Romanian coaches and five Austrian coaches. Passenger CFR (Romanian Railways) is the railway operator, in partnership with the Austrian company OBB, the organizer behind all of this. According to CFR, all the travelers are obliged to wear protective masks when getting on and off the train and during the journey. Single-use gloves are also recommended. For boarding and disembarking, there will be a special corridor for the passengers as well. At the time of leaving Timișoara, only those declared as accepted by the Public Health Directorate will have access to these special trains ordered by OBB.

Featured photo: Seba Tătaru

Author: Blanka Székely