New dress code at the Consumer Protection: no for watches and tight dresses

One of the latest regulations of Horia Miron Constantinescu, president of the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC) imposes dress and behavior code for its inspectors. According to the code, the inspectors have to wear clean business attire in order to show respect for the institution and for the citizens. It also requires respectful behavior, local news portal Maszol.ro reports.

Male inspectors have to wear simple and classic, white, blue, beige or black, long sleeved shirts with straight pants, without any cuts, zippers or prints. They must wear simple shoes, but no sports shoes, sneakers or sandals are allowed. In autumn or winter they can’t put on any extravagant accessories. The code does not specifiy summer or spring separately. Speaking of accessories, men can only wear their wedding rings and no other jewlry, while their hair and beard has to be well-groomed, and it can’t be long.

As for the woman, they have to wear classic dresses or two-piece suits, with pant or skirt – but of course the skirt’s length can’t be too short or too long, it should end above the knee. The woman can choose between shirt or blouse, but cleavages are forbidden. Women must avoid clothing with cuts, zippers or prints, can’t wear tight dresses, extravagant, exaggerated accessories, or cheap jewelry. They can wear hats, but caps, beach hats, kerchiefs are not allowed. The classic style hats can be worn only outdoors, but are forbidden indoors.

Women also shouldn’t apply ostentatious makeup, but their faces and hair must be well-kept and moderate. Their manicure has to be clean, chic. Speaking of clean thing, women have to be clean as well, as the new regulation requires personal hygiene, it became mandatory (!) for the inspectors. The regulation also specifies, that the mandatory hygiene can’t cause discomfort to others.

Horia Miron Constantinescu names a few prohibited items. From now on, no inspector is allowed to wear: shorts, pantyhose, sandals, flip-flops, hats or caps, unbuttoned shirts, tight dresses, advertising t-shirts, or clothing with vulgar, sexist, obscene words, slogans or pictures, including pictures with grotesque animals. No clothing can be provocative, or can’t be worn in a provocative style. Oh, and the shirts must be tucked in the pants.

The deadline for implementing the regulation is seven days, and all the inspectors have to acknowledge the new regulations with their signature.

Author: Orsi Sarány