New animation series about János Hunyadi

The Autentika Artistic Workshop Foundation (Autentika Művészeti Műhely Alapítvány) has created an educational animation series about János Hunyadi and his works. The seven episodes are available on the foundation’s YouTube channel.

The purpose of the series is to educate and strengthen the national self-awareness of youth today. One episode is only 4–5 minutes, making it easy to enjoy while taking in a lot of information, the creators say. As they stated, in reference to János Hunyadi, people tend to be preoccupied only with his great victories and battles, but this series seeks to offer a comprehensive view of his whole life, where he came from and how he became a genius warlord.

The series also delves into his politics and military campaigns. The target audience is the youth of the Carpathian Basin, but Romanian, Serbian, Slovak and English subtitles are available as well. According to the creators, János Hunyadi is not only a hero of Hungary but also of Europe. Thanks to the foreign language subtitles, people in other countries can learn about the warlord who defeated the Turks.

The narrator of the series created by the Autentika Artistic Workshop Foundation is actor Gábor Csőre, while Tamás Märle, a history teacher, wrote the script.

János Hunyadi, in English John Hunyadi or John Huniades, was born in 1407 in Hunyad/Hunedoara, Transylvania, and died on August 11, 1456, in Belgrade. He was a Hungarian general and governor of the Kingdom of Hungary from 1446 to 1452 and was a leading commander against the Turks in the 15th century. His consecutive victories gave the people hope that the Turks could be defeated and driven out of Europe.

Featured photo: Autentika Művészeti Műhely

Author: Blanka Székely